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A Soak in the tub with
miracle soap and baking soda
removes MORGELLONS biofilm / fake skin

Miracle II Soaps & Products

The original multi-purpose liquid green soap replaces your bathing, laundry and household cleaning products.  Ingredients: Energized Stabilized Oxygenated Water, Ash of Dedecly, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Coconut Extract.  Available in 22 oz or Gallon size.  Gallon size of original soap is $59.95. Other Miracle products include Neutralizer, Neutralizer Gel, Skin Moisturizer, Laundry Ball, and Natural Deoderant.  

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terahertz frequency helps your body heal

iTeraCare ...The Next Step
to the Healthiest You

iTeraCare Wand uses Terahertz Frequency, Quantum and Optical Quartz to remove unhealthy cells, activate dormant stem cells and clear lymph and meridian systems.  It strengthens your DNA, repairs damaged cells and tissues.  The heat generated by the wand killed mites under her skin.  Non-ionizing and safe to use on infants, elderly and pets.  The Red Classic 2 is for home use.  $380 includes taxes and shipping.

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Why Choose Us?

Every product in Patty's Store has been tested personally to assure it is effective for mites and Morgellons. Through trial and error, Patty has developed methods and products that not only treat but also prevent.

Patty's Story

Patty Reese suffered from the disease called Morgellons, which attracted mites and more for over a decade.  By testing products on herself she found what worked for her.  To share her success, she hosts podcasts and shares products.

Stay Vigilant

While Patty considers her Morgellons "cured" or in remission, she recommends staying aware as reinfection of Morgellons or Mites is always a possibility, especially as this condition continues to spread across the globe. 

Medical Disclaimer

Patty is not a medical professional, and she is not giving medical advice.  She is sharing information about what works for her as an individual.  Products in her store are not intended to be used in lieu of treatment by a medical care practitioner.  

Solutions for Treatment and prevention

Visit Patty's store to learn more about the two items above and to see additional products she uses and recommends.  

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